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Calculator and Pad
Accounts Payable

Vendor/Terms Setup
5-Character Vendor Codes
Name & Keyword Lookups
User-Defined Terms based on Fixed Date or Invoice Date with Discount Calculations
Default Distribution Account per Vendor
Default Expense Distribution (multiple accounts) Template per Vendor
1099 Generation on Year-to-Date Payments (multiple types)
Multiple Addresses/Phones & user-defined Fields
Personalized or Standard Comments on Vendors (display on PO's, Checks, etc.)
Restricted Buyer Privileges
Purchasing & Payables History and Statistics
Vendor Mailing Labels

Invoice Entry
Handles Invoices/Bills, Debit Memos, and Credit Memos
Provision to add Invoice or Line Item Narratives
Hold/Pay/Prioritize Flag per Vendor & Invoice
Automatic Pre-Paid Expense Posting Spread Over Starting/Ending Dates
Handles Reciprocal Club Billings (with automatic A/R Posting)
Ability to handle Inventory Item Receipts
Ability to Automatically call in Received P/O's that will automatically create Item-by-0Item Expense Distributioins

Fixed Expenses
Repetitive Invoices (like leases or service contracts)
Various Frequency of Payments - with number of payments or total amount limit

Cash Requirements
Aged Trial Balance as of Specified Cutoff Date
Selection of Invoices by Vendor, Due Date, Discount Date, Priority with Full/Partial/Discount Pay Alternatives
Maintainable Cash Requirements - cancel or partial pay - or start over

Check/Voucher Printing
Pay Multiple Invoices per Payable Check 
Manual Paychecks - with 'instant' printing
History of Payables - with explosion of detail for any Invoice, Dr/Cr Memo or Payment

Check Reconciliation
Check Reconciliation of Multiple Bank Accounts inclusive of Debit & Credit Advices
Monthly Check Register
Automatic void of Check (and Expensing)
Monthly Disbursement Register

Automatically posts to General Ledger (with various levels of detail), Purchasing History Files, Account History File, Item History File, Membership & Accounts Receivable for Reciprocals, Work Orders, Fixed Assets, etc.


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