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This Abacus 21 module conducts Timekeeping functions by turning already-deployed Point-of-Sale Stations or Workstations (or perhaps dedicated TimeClock stations) into TimeClocks.

The Timekeeping application can work independent of or together with other Abacus 21 modules:

The Timekeeping System can perform both TimeClock (Clock-In & Clock-Out) functions as well as serve as an input mechanism for Miscellaneous Earnings and (automatically-inseminated) Salaried Employees 'Hours'.

The TimeClock can react to an Employee's Staff Scheduling Rules related to permissions to Clock In/Out, Breaks, Sign-In/Out Infractions (attempts at early-late 'punches'), etc.

The TimeClock can be set up to handle TouchScreen or Keyboard control -- as well as to recognize Card Swipe, Fingerprint, or Handprint devices.

The TimeClocks can be individually configured per physical Area and Employee type.  The TimeClocks can be set up to prompt for (alternate) Departments, Job Class, Piecework Count, Declared Tips, etc.

The System Administrator can configure general 'Bulletin Board' Messages to Staff (by Section) -- and/or set up Rich-Text Comments/Notes to be sent to specific Employees when they either Sign In or Sign Out.

All Employees are assigned TimeClock 'privileges' which govern what they can or can not do -- including Sign In, Sign Out, Transfer to another Department-JobClass, View History (their own and/or all Employees under their Supervision), make Corrections, Create/View Messages, Create/View Comments, etc.

Because the Timekeeping System has both 'raw' Regular, Overtime, Double-Time Rates -- and a Projected Labor Rate (for every Employee doing every type of Job) -- the System facilitates both 'up-to-the-moment' and 'forecasted' Labor Utilization reporting.

Audit Trails are kept of all significant changes.

The accumulated results of Timekeeping can be reported upon, exported, or interfaced with Payroll.

The Abacus 21 Timekeeping system does not use dedicated Timeclock devices (such as Kronos or ADP).

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