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ership & Accounts Receivable

General Ledger

Journal Entries & Inter-Company Postings
Automatic Postings from All Other Applications
Trial Balance (with Exploding Detail)
Financial Report Writer
User-Defined Accounting Periods with 12, 13, or 14 Period Accounting
Unlimited Years of History - Summary or Transactional (with Drill-Down)

Journal Entry Type
Manual Journal Entries - with Automatic Reversal Dates & Narrative
Standard Journal Entries - with Cycle Types & Date Sensitivity
Recurring Journal Entries - with Number of Occurrences or Amount Limits
Allocating Journal Entries - by % or Proportion Spread Over Multiple Accounts
Statistical Journal Entries - including Automatic Creation from Other Modules

Period Posting Control
Past, Current, Future Posting Capabilities
External Application Posting Control with User-Defined Horizons
Can Leave Periods Open (optionally) -- including across Years
Ability to Proceed to New Period Without Closing Prior Period (optionally)

Subordinate Periods for Weekly Financials
G/L Trial Balance in Summary or Detail
G/L Activity Inquiries & Reports over Multiple Periods
Automatic or Manual Posting of Profit
Normal Balance Posting into Dr/Cr Columns
G/L Account Name (Keyword) Lookups
Termination Date on G/L Accounts
Inquiries/Reports of G/L Interface File (i.e., J/E's from Other Applications)

Financial Report Writer
Generate Financials at Any Time
Past, Current, or Future Date Ranges
With or Without Budgets & Forecasts
Multiple Budgets - Fixed & Variable Types, with Budget Worksheets
Totally User-Definable Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flows
Flexible Headings, Columns, Rows
Various Numeric & Text Fields Format Masks
Combine Column Formats with Row Formats for Variations on Reports
Re-Use Formats for New Reports
Involve Past/Present/Future Actuals or Budget
Chain Reports Together for User Groups
Export to Spreadsheets, etc.

Import Budgets from Spreadsheets
Export Financials to Spreadsheets, Word Processing, or Database Packages Integration
Balanced, Audit-Trailed, and Accounting Department Controlled Postings
Integrated with Point-of-Sale (all types), Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Inventory Transactions, Purchasing & Receiving, Banquet/Catering, Service WorkOrders, Spa Management, Room Accommodations, Gift Certificate Management, Marina Management, etc.  
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