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Staff Management

This module is used to set up the Employee -- including Demographics, Photo, Signature, Addresses, Skills, Passwords, Privileges, Supervisory Organization, Comment/Notes, User-Defined 'Databases', Staff-specific Client Comments, Department & Job Class affiliations, Actual & Effective Payrates, Over-Time & Double-Time conditions, Break Elgibilities, Commission particulars, etc.

The activation of some of the above aspects is dependent on the purchase of the appropriate Add-On software module.

The Staff file is accessed by all Abacus 21 Systems that require End-End User reference or participation -- Point-of-Sale, Timekeeping, Scheduling, Payroll, Reservations, Check-In, etc.

From a Payroll perspective, Employees are allowed to work in multiple Departments at multiple Payrates (inclusive of differentiated Regular, OverTime, Double-Time, Break, Piecework provisions).  Work in Departments can be segmented into Job Classes -- with or without a differentiated PayRate effect.

Note that Abacus 21 makes a distinction between its 'Staff Departments' and classical 'Payroll Departments'.  The Departments that are set up in Abacus 21 are typically more-defined that those in Payroll.  For example, a Payroll System might have a Department called 'F/B Wait Staff' -- where in the Abacus 21 System there might be several pseudo-Departments (F/B Managers, Wait Staff, Hosts/Hostesses, Bartenders, BarBacks, Kitchen, etc.) that are all 'mapped' to that one single Payroll Department.

  • This more-precise treatment of Departments within Abacus 21 Systems is necessary to accommodate the specific definition of functionalities that are pertinent to (on this topic) differentiated Scheduling, Timeclock, and Payrate conditions that must be reacted to in 'life'.
  • In essence, the Abacus 21 systems handle all the 'difficult particulars' and pass to Payroll a 'distilled' accumlation of Regular, Overtime, Double-Time Hours (and Payrate) per Employee per Payroll Department.
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