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Accounts Receivable

Abacus 21's Member Accounts Receivable module, coupled with our Membership application, is the central core of Abacus 21's Hospitality system.

Standard Features include:

Accounts Receivable Transaction Entry – with Narrative

Balance-Forward or Open-Item Styles -- both with Transaction Detail Retained
Provision to bill for unlimited mutiple sub-Memberships (eg. Golf, Tennis) under Primary Contract
Autmatic Contract Updates (when Rates change) -- including detection of Age/Tenure Jumps
Ability to have the same or differentiated Fees per Member within any Membership Type

Minimums & Reverse Minimums, Assessments, Memo Billings, Meal Plans

Periodic Billing (e.g., Dues, Locker Fees, Boat Slip Rentals)

Reciprocal Club Re-Billing

Late Charge Processing & Delinquency

A/R Account Inquiry with Explosion into Ticket Detail, Credit Book, and Minimums

Split Receivables - separate A/R Accounts for different types of Charges

Cash Receipts -- On-Account, per Receivable Account, or per Invoice

Multiple Standard Statement Formats -- varying in layout & detail (separate charge for each)

Different Statement Cycles and Style per Member (separate charge for style)

Ability to segment Statement by Individual Charging -- or issue separate Statements

Provision to Email Statements
Aged Trial Balance -- by selected Receivables Accounts or Overall
General Ledger Journal Entry Integration (to Abacus 21 G/L) or Export (to 3rd-Party G/L)

Optional Features include:

Statement Detail Voucher - with 'image' display of all Ticket-Invoice-Transaction Detail

Separate Guest-of-Member Courtesy Statement

Extension to Multiple A/R Systems -- working off Single or Multiple Membership Files

A/R Factoring - settling Account (perhaps by Charge Type) to Credit Card 

ACH Payment - settling Account (perhaps by Charge Type) to Checking Account

Debit Account Processing - settling Account to a Debit Account (needs PIN No.)
Check Verification (at Point-of-Sale)

Lock Box Payments - Members send in Payments to (Bank) LockBox Address

BarCoded Statement Payment Stubs for high-volume streamlined Cash Receipts 

Quick-Charge Entry - Same Charge (could be Package) to multiple Members

After-the-Fact POS - Allows entry of POS-like Transactions without live POS

Fast Ticket Entry - Mini-POS for entry of Paper-Charges

Member Scheduled Payments

Loan Payments - with Interest, Pro-rating, and Balloon Provisions

Attended and Un-Attended Access Control (with Gate-Door-Turnstile Interfaces)

Locker Management with automatic Billing triggered from Locker System

Cart-Bag Storage with automatic Billing initiated by Cart-Bag Storage System

Unrelated Business Income Tracking (UBI)

Guest-of-Member Restrictions

Electronic Capture, OCR, Index, Storage, Search,and Retrieval of any Report or Register

Membership & A/R Demo

Abacus 21's Accounts Receivable module is intimately integrated with all other pertinent modules -- accepting Member-Client charges from all of the anciliary applications.

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