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Company Overview and Background

Abacus 21 , established in 1981, develops and implements computer systems for the Hospitality Industry -- specializing in Clubs, Resorts, and HomeOwner Associations.

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Applications include:

Membership Management

Accounts Receivable

General Ledger with Financials & Budgeting 
Accounts Payable 

Fixed Assets

Food & Beverage Point-of-Sale 
Recipe-Menu Costing 
Event-Function Management and Booking 
Event-Party Reservations
Dining Reservations
Golf & Tennis ProShop Retail Point-of-Sale 
Centralized Tee Times
Tournament Management 
Fitness-Court-PT Reservations 
Spa Management 
Marina Management
Inventory Management 
Purchasing & Purveyor Contracts
Room Accommodations 
Service WorkOrders
Concierge & Special Requests
Human Resources
Payroll & Human Resources
Member-Guest & Staff Photo-ID Cards 
Access Management & Assess Control
Gift Certificates & Gift Cards 
Vending, SmartCarte, PeopleDry System Interfaces 
Fingerprint, Wristband, Smart Card, ID-Card Recognition

Telemarketing & Prospect-Contact Management

Sales Analysis & Data Mining
Document Management 
Bank Interfaces 
WebSite Development & Management Tools

Abacus 21's Corporate Headquarters is located in Buffalo, New York - with offices in California, Pennsylvania, Florida -- and affiliates in Puerto Rico, South America, Australia, Japan, and China.  Abacus 21 has 25 full-time Employees in the United States – and is complemented by several Dealers and Representatives in other areas of the World.

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