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Abacus 21's Client-Membership application, coupled with our Club-specific Accounts Receivable, forms the central core of Abacus 21's Hospitality system.

Standard Features include:

Member Information (with Family Individuals & Related Parties)

Client Designations: Prospect, Member, Other; Corporate Memberships
Unlimited Member-Prospect-Client Types
Name Breakdown: Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Suffix and NickName
Multiple Addresses per Individual - Type-Specific & Date Sensitive (Personal & Company)
Address Mappers for Routing Types of Mailings (with Date Sensitivity)
Mulitple Phone-Cellular-Fax-Pager Numbers, Email Addresses, and Website Addresses
Extensive Demographics -- per Individual
Photo & Signature Images
Individual's Marital Status, Birthdate (Age), Anniversary Date, Dates of Significance
Join Date, Start Date, End Date, Expiration Date -- Tenure Calculation
Member-Client Preferences - Items, Services, Staff, Quirks

Detailed Personal & Blling Information for All Individuals

Separate and concurrent Family, Social, Corporate, Billing Affiliation Relationships
Reciprocal Club Associations

Client-Member Information Exports (via User-configurable Utilities)

Ability to Change & Re-Use Member Numbers without losing History

Numeric or AlphaNumeric Construction of Member-Client Numbers

Searches by Name, Number, Code, Sort Name, Lot, License, Boat, Phone, etc. 

Spouse or Significant-Other
Personal PIN Number for Internet & Kiosk Identification Authentication
Facility, Activity, Item Purchasing History (requires appropriate ancilliary modules)

Mailing Labels & Envelopes - various formats

Sponsorship & Referral Tracking

Wait List & Priority Notations

Sales Person, Source, Market Segment, Promotional Campaign Tracking

Notation of Reciprocal Club Memberships & Affiliations

Recognizes 'History' of an Individual as Prospect, Guest, Member, Staff, Hotel Guest

POS Charging Privileges -- including automatic Discounts & Price Levels
POS default Tenderment and Member vs. Individual Charge Identification Stipulation

Accounts Receivable Transaction Entry – with Narrative

Provision to bill for unlimited mutiple sub-Memberships (eg. Golf, Tennis) under Primary Contract
Ability to have the same or differentiated Fees per Member within any Membership Type

Member Spending Analysis (requires POS)

Optional Features include:

Prospective Member Applicant Tracking

Contact Management and Telemarketing

Add-On's User-Defined Databases

Checkbox-Clickers User-Defined Databases

Alpha-Clickers User-Defined Databases  

Series (List-Transactional-Chronological) User-Defined Databases

Comments/Narrative User-Defined Databases (with Rich-Text, Image, Document, Hyperlinks)

PocketRoster - Synchronization of Member Info to Handheld PDA (PocketPC-based only)

Membership Wait List Management -- including Billing for being held on Wait List

Photo ID Card Production & Management

Security Guard Inquiry
Facility & Activity Privilege Control Management

Attended and Un-Attended Access Control (with Gate-Door-Turnstile Interfaces)

Client Special-Requests WorkOrder System

Locker Management & Billing

Cart-Bag Storage & Billing

Unrelated Business Income Tracking (UBI)

Member Guest Credits

Member Guest-Day Tracking

Guest-of-Member Restrictions

Electronic Capture, OCR, Index, Storage, Search,and Retrieval of any Report or Register

Membership & A/R Demo

Abacus 21's Member-Client module is intimately integrated with all other pertinent modules -- selectively passing information to other applications as necessary or as User-designated.  Additionally, all ancilliary applications automatically update the Client-Member-Prospect History files appropriately.

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