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Photo ID Card Systems

Photo ID Card

Abacus 21's  Photo ID Card Systems can accommodate a variety of Member, Guest, Staff, and Room identification control purposes.

Examples of what can be provided include:

Provide Card Production System -- Printer, Camera, Tripod, including supplies for Cards, Ribbons, etc.

Utilization of 'virgin' or pre-done Cards -- with or without Photos, with or without Duplex Printing, Card Embossing, Tipping, Coating, or Holograms.  Click here for Card Specs & Supplies alternatives.
Facilitates 'communal' usage of the Photo images -- for Members, Guests, Employees, etc. -- throughout all Applications.
Complete Card Design Assistance (both Cosmetic & Datafile) Services
Total Integration with Membership System -- including either batch or dynamic passing of Membership Information to the Card System and Car Information (principally the Photo, sometime other items) back to the Membership System (for utilization throughout other modules).
Integration with all other pertinent Abacus 21 Systems as outlined below.
Member Check-In (with Statistical Usage Tracking & Reporting) -- and differentiation of 'manual swipes' (when they forget their card).
Guest-of-Member Tracking (via the Cards) -- including control of restricted number of Visits (by a Guest in general and/or by a Guest-per-specific-Member)
Cards available for all (appropriate) Individuals of a Family -- including associated Guests and personal staff.
Ability to have varied Card Design Layouts/Colors/Content automatically triggered by Membership Type or Member-Guest Characteristics
Differntiated Guest Type Tracking -- including Room Guest Tracking
Employee Cards -- used for Access Control (general Property as well as secured areas such as the Wine Room), TimeClock, and Point-of-Sale Use-Privileges.

Integration with Automated Access Control Systems (turnstiles, gates, doors, etc.)

Integration with Kiosks -- including PIN number Identification

Provision for multi-Card ownership -- with differentiated privilege-sets

Provision for de-activating, tracking, and (perhaps) Billing for Lost Cards

Several Styles of Card encryption -- including for Magnetic Strip, BarCode, SmartCard, Proximity Cards ('touchless')

Ability to dynamically 'read-write and update' physically to particular Cards or databases cross-referenced to Cards.  

Recognition of Member-Individual-Guest Card at:
  • Food/Beverage POS - including automatic invocation of associated Discounts
  • Retail POS - including automatic invocation of associated Discount
  • Check-In -- including tracking (non-charged) Activity-Equipment-Facility Utilization
  • Access Points
  • With respect to Property Management System (PMS) Package Plan entitlements.
Recognition of Employee Cards at:
  • Food/Beverage POS - including privileges & potential Employee Discounts (on personal purchases)
  • Retail POS - including privileges & potential Employee Discounts (on personal purchases)
  • General Property Entrance Access Control Points and 'internal access' (such as to the Wine Room)
  • Timeclock System

Utilization of Cards at Attended, Remotely-Attended, Semi-Attended, or Un-Attended Security Sites.

Ability to handle Card Identification at multiple remote Sites -- from a centralized or de-centralized database.

Proper 'Interpretation' of Card Swipe -- differentiation Member-Individual-Guest-Room etc. -- and reacting differently to each (inclusive of prioritizing 'routing' of charges, for example, Room first, Membership second)

Utilization of Cards in conjunction with Guest-Day Credits -- including initial issuance (perhaps directly from Membership entitlement) and/or additional purchase

Potential to 'couple' a Hotel 'Room Key' with the other multi-purpose Card usages described here

Validation checking in all associated Applications (all down to the Individual Level):
  • Membership Date Validity & Guest Visit Validity
  • Membership Status (suspended, resigned, on-leave, etc.) & Guest Status
  • Membership Account Status (delinquency)
  • POS Charging Status -- including the invocation of 'special messages' and 'personalized information' as appropriate
  • POS (or Admittance) 'Under-Age' checking
  • Access Control Status -- with privilege checking -- including Time-of-Day access (and pass-back) control

Integration with Automatic Messaging Systems:

  • Automated Messaging to Card-Holder -- On-Screen Message to Card-Holder from Management (can also be linked to individual Department Sources)
  • Automated Messaging to Club Personnel when Card Holder is 'swiped' -- facilitating 'annunciation' of particular Individual, VIP (or 'Desperado'), special Visit preparation Alert -- channeling electronic 'announcements' to selected Staff (of a Member's or Visitor's arrival).
Ability to allow Member (or Club Departmental Management) to identify a 'Guest List' (of allowable Entrants) for a specific Function or Visit (date-span).
  • Estimated Date/Time of Arrival
  • Ability to generate Guest-Visitor Cards/Passes -- prior to visits or on-the-fly -- with optional 'extra fee' for Guests non-pre-registered Guests -- internally 'encoded' with appropriate 'charging' and 'access' privileges.
  • Fees can be 'differentiated' by type of Visitor and type of Reason and Advance-registration.
  • Generation of Parking Passes (as needed)
  • Recognition of No-Shows and Cancellations (perhaps with application of a Fee).
  • Management notification of parties in excess of specified numbers of Guests.
  • Print or View Guest Lists for all registered Functions (also links with Banquet-Catering and Event-Party Reservations modules)
  • Automatically post any appropriate 'entrance' charges to Member-Guest-Folio.
  • Ability to print inclusive or exclusive 'guest charges' on Member Statements -- inclusive of Guest 'Courtesy Statements'
  • Provision to track 'House Guests'
  • Provision to track 'Generic Guests' -- where specific Identification does not matter -- or where Access limitations are by-passed.
  • Provision to track-control Vendor Visits to the Property (with internal Staff authorizations).

Interaction with Member (and Room Guest) authorized Vehicles (Parking Decal) subsystem -- for external entrance Security Systems.

Ability to automatically apply charges associated with particular Member Usages (or over-Usages) or Guest Visits -- differentiated by the 'Reason' (or reasons) -- destinations of their visit, and Age.

Provision to 'alarm' only the 'Exceptions'

Ability to verify (a pre-requisite) on-site 'presence' of sponsoring Member (for a Guest-of-Member Visitation)

Use of Cards in conjunction with:

  • Gift Card-Certificate System
  • Member-Guest 'Rewards' System
  • Credit Book and Prize Winnings Systems
  • Security Guard Systems
  • Staff Scheduling Systems
  • Timekeeping System
  • Spa Management System
  • Court Reservations System
  • Frequent-Buyer/Visitor System
  • Access Control System
  • Room Accommodation System
  • Provision to Report on or Export all 'Access', 'Check-In' or 'POS' usage -- by Person-Guest (or Guest Type), Membership or Individual, Type, Gender, Age, Residence, Area (of Property), Activity, Day-of-Week, Time-of-Day, etc.

    Ability to 'interact' with the various Card systems over the Internet -- as appropriate.

    Centralized or De-Centralize Card Control Management -- multi-User design

    Interface to PMS system as appropriate (and feasible)

    Potential use with:

  • Appropriately configured Handheld 'wireless' devices
  • BarCode Scanning Devices
  • Signature Capture (and presentation) Devices
  • Potential 'Arrival' interactions with Abacus 21's various Reservation Systems
  • Abacus 21's Fingerprint or Handprint Recognition Systems
  • Photo ID Card Production Samples

    Photo ID Card Demo

    Abacus 21's Photo ID Card capabilities can be intimately integrated with all other pertinent modules.  There are many combinations and alternatives of approach (and conditions regarding the 'rules' of usage) that bear discussion.  Please call if interested.

    All material ©2020 Abacus 21, Inc. All Rights Reserved.