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Timekeeping-to-Payroll Interface

The accumulations of Timekeeping records can be passed to several different Payroll Systems.

In general, the records of imformation are by Employee by Pay Cycle by (Department) Earnings Codes.  Earnings Codes can involve (Departmental or Job Class within Department) Regular Hours/Pay, Overtime Hours/Pay, Double-Time Hours/Pay, Break Time Hours/Pay, Meal Reimbursements, Holiday Hours/Pay, Vacation Hours/Pay (if entered into Timekeeping), earned Service Charges, Gratuities, Commisssions (if coupled with the Commission Tracking System), and Miscellaneous Earnings (that were entered through the Timekeeping System).

This information can contain several different 'layers' of detail -- depending the flexibility-restrictions of the respective 3rd-party Payroll System (and the User's preference for detail).

Prior to transfer to the Payroll System (typically into an editable Payroll Earnings Entry Register), the Timekeeping System allows Supervisors (for their Department personnel) and Payroll Administrators to view and edit (within privileges) the TimeClock records.  A variety of Reports are available for this purpose.

An Audit Trail of the transfer to Payroll is maintained.


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