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User-Defined Database Options

Abacus 21 has developed a universal Database Manager designed for End-User (set up by the Administrator) creation, maintenance, and reporting of User-defined Databases.

These User-defined informational 'Options' can be set up in assocation with most major Topical areas, such as:

  • Applicants-Prospects
  • Members-Clients
  • Staff
  • Vendors
  • Inventory Items

The styles of Databases that can be created include:

  • CheckBox Clickers:  Up to 40 visible (and unlimited under-the-surface) 'Yes/No' Responses per Topic created.
  • Alpha-Numeric Clickers:  Up to 40 visible (and unlimited under-the-surface) single-character alphanumeric Responses per Topic created.
  • Add-On's:  An unlimited number of Alphanumeric and Numeric Field (of user-specified length and precision) Responses per Topic created.
  • Series:  A limited number of AlphaNumeric, Numeric, and Date Fields per an unlimited number of Records per Topic created:
    • One 3-Character AlphaNumeric Field
    • One 10-Character AlphaNumeric Field
    • Three 20-Character AlphaNumeric Fields
    • One 40-Character AlphaNumeric Field
    • One 60-Character AlphaNumeric Field
    • Seven Numeric Fields (with User-Defined Decimal Precision per each)
    • Three Date Fields

Abacus 21 is dedicated to providing Systems that can be personalized by the End-User to match their specific Business and Informational requirements.  The flexibility and power of these User-defined Databases will extend the usefulness of the System many fold.

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