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EZ-Links Interface

Abacus 21 has developed an Interface to the EZLinks Golf TeeTime System

The EZLinks Interface works with Abacus 21's Retail Point-of-Sale.

Setups (which must be manually kept in sync with the corresponding ones on EZLinks) include the following:

  • Directory Path where the EZ-Links 'Checked-In' Players are to be 'deposited'.
  • Definition of the 'Courses' and their ProShop alignment.
  • Batch job to 'populate' Abacus Members into EZ-Links.
  • Item Codes (for POS) corresponding to the various Greens Fee Types that will come from EZ-Links (the rates themselves are 'inherited' from EZLinks, and can vary within the same Item per transaction).
  • Item Codes (for POS) corresponding to the other Charges (such as Cart Fees) that will come from EZLinks (the exact fees themselves are 'inherited' from EZLinks, and can vary within the same Item per transaction).
  • A 'Default Item Code' to be used when the 'mapping' of Item Codes from EZLinks to Abacus fails to find a match.

The Interface recognizes that not all Players in a TeeTime (Foursome, Singles, or an entire Group) may check in at the same time.

  • Whenever Player(s) check-in (to EZLinks), a transaction(s) is written out to the Interface-Exchange file-records.
  • The Abacus side of the Interface has a program that is constantly monitoring those files-records -- and when it notices a new entry, immediately converts it to an Abacus-related 'TeeTime Checked-In' file (for access by POS).
  • At the Header Screen within Retail POS, the Counter Person can enter 'EZ' -- which immediately displays all Checked-In Players (and their respective TeeTime-Fee information).
    • This information is dynamically available to any/all POS Stations in a respective ProShop (cognizant of conflict control).
    • The Counter Person can 'tag' one or more of the Checked-In Players (including those spanning multiple contiguous or scattered TeeTimes) for 'transfer onto' the POS Ticket.
    • All such tagged Player TeeTimes are transferred into the POS Ticket -- adding lines to the Ticket.
      • Though typically done at the start of the Ticket, it can be done anytime (including after several Merchandise etc. Items have been added).  Similarily, normal sale Items can be added after the TeeTime Fees are dragged in.
      • The Lines that are created include the exact Time of the TeeTime (and the Player Name) -- along with the Price that was 'derived' from EZ-Links (despite whatever Price for the mapped Item that might have been set up in Abacus.
      • TeeTimes brought in in this matter can not normally be modified (Quantity or Price) -- and require a special privilege in this regard.

The EZLinks Interface is a 'two-way street', meaning that informationflows from EZLinks to Abacus... and from Abacus to EZLinks.

Click on the Video below to get an idea of how this works:

If interested, please call for further details.
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