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Frequently Asked Questions

Abacus 21 has established this section of the Website to provide a repository of general information.

   Origin of Abacus 21
The Abacus 21 'Total Experience' Software Approach
Application Features, Options, Hardware, and Other Considerations

Typical IT-Oriented Tasks 

Network, Server, Workstation, and Peripherals Requirements
Development Language & Database
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FAQ - General
07/17/09Vista still not approved by Abacus 21 for System-441Because of Vista's still-lingering inherent problems, Abacus 21 has still not certified its use with its software products... and it is doubtful Vista will ever pass-the-test.
04/16/05What is Comet ?Comet is the combination Development Language, Co-Operating System, and associated Database that was used in Abacus 21's older Legacy System -- now obsolete.

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