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Hardware & Peripherals

Abacus 21 provides specialty hardware related to its Point-of-Sale, Inventory, Photo ID, Access Control, and Electronic Document Capture Systems.

Related Categories include:

General Server & Workstation Requirements
TouchScreen Monitors & PC's (see also related Wall Mounts)
Guest Check & Receipt Printers
Prep Area Printers
Bar Code Scanner & Printers
Cash Drawers
POS Customer (Pole) Displays
Card Swipes - Magnetic, Optical, MICR-Code
Weigh Scales - integrated to Point-of-Sale
Fingerprint & Handprint Identification
Signature Capture (and Authentication)
Mini & POS-Custom Keyboards
MICR-enabled Check-Voucher Printing
Handheld Devices - POS-Inventory & Info
Specialty Tickets (eg. Ski Lift & Show Tickets)
Gift Certificate & Loyalty Card Production
Photo ID Cards Printers & Cameras - Members, Employees, Guests, Rooms
Electronic Document Capture (OCR, Storage, Retrieval)
Access Control Devices
Electronic Document Storage
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